Handbell Solo Artist Michèle Sharik


A solo ringer plans the golden dance

To liberate from brazen bells a song

With intricate glissades and fluid stance

And thus to weave the notes into a throng

Of close companions, joined without a seam,

So that the music falls like liquid sound,

As raindrops, merged, create a flowing stream,

Cascading through and over and around

An aural landscape; this, the ringer's stage

Whereon the company of notes perform

Ballet no longer captive on the page

But freed to enter souls and there to warm.

     The soloist turns practice into art

     And this because these bells ring from the heart.

The Golden Dance sonnet is

©2002 Tamara L. Raetz. 

Used by permission.

Unauthorized use or reproduction prohibited.

Born and raised in Ohio, Michèle began her musical career with the flute and studied composition and flute performance at the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati.  She began ringing and directing handbell choirs in 1991 and in January, 2002, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to join America's premier professional classical handbell ensemble, Sonos.

In addition to touring extensively with Sonos, she teaches handbell lessons and workshops and regularly appears as clinician at regional handbell events.  As a Handbell Solo Artist, she is increasingly in demand to take the stage across the United States, Canada, and abroad, having played bells in 37 US States and 9 countries. 

Now living in the Southern California High Desert, Michèle has a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts from Cal State San Marcos and serves as Chair for Area 12 of the Handbell Musicians of America.

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Original "Golden Dancer" figure by Elizabeth Kennedy.

"Scribble Dancer" figure by Gretchen Rauch.